Portrait of an african young nurse helping old elderly disable man grandfather to walk using walker equipment in the bedroom.
Providing quality assistance for your daily and personal needs

The help of a personal care aide ensures not only comfort and security but also your unique needs to keep going in life despite the health issues you endure. Personal care services allow you to live with ease and comfort, as they help alleviate your daily living conditions by providing the extra care and assistance you deserve.

The primary goal of North Carolina Personal Care Services is to help you or your loved ones achieve successful health outcomes. We seek to pave your path to better health. Hence, we provide the assistance you deserve and more to always keep you going.

nurse helping man to walk

The following are the services we can offer:

  • Bathing, Dressing, Hair Care
  • Mobility and Transfer Assistance
  • Feeding
  • Toileting Assistance
  • Preparation of Meals
  • Assistance with Exercise
  • And more

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